Smart Watches are very popular and we know why...With these trendy designer watches you not only get to tell time but also the possibility to control your email, text messages, social media and more from your wrist. At the moment we have an extensive collection of different top brands such as Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, Skagen, Samsung and more. Brands keep adding smart watches to their collection, so, keep an eye on this page for the latest trends and additions! Difficult to choose a smartwatch? Have a look at our top 10 most popular smartwatch page

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What is a smartwatch?

When hearing the word smart watch, some might think of the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Garmin or other names. But nowadays it is not only big technology companies or manufacturers of sports watches that make watches with 'smart' functionalities. 'Regular' watch manufacturers such as Fossil, Casio, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. now also produce smart watches and combine their own expertise in making watches with technological progress.
A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with more functionalities than just time display. They are designed to offer functions, either independently or linked to a smartphone (usually via Bluetooth), such as mobile apps, caller ID, SMS and social media alerts, weather reports, fitness monitoring, and GPS coordinates.

How to choose your smart watch?

The following steps will help you make a good choice.

1. What features do you find important?

Are you an active person? Are you looking for a super sophisticated model or are you satisfied with a limited number of functions?
In our range we differentiate three different categories.
Full Touchscreen: a watch with a lot of functions that can be operated via a touchscreen like on your smartphone. With this type of watch it is often possible to control your phone camera, music, calls, emails, text messages, calendar, mailbox and more. This type of smartwatch often contains biometrical monitors such as a heart rate monitor, a pedometer and sleep rhythm analysers that you can access from your phone. But it is also possible to operate the watch independently. The touch screen can be adapted to your personal style and taste.
Hybrid: Hybrid smartwatches look and operate like a regular analog watch, but contain smart functionalities such as a heart rate monitor, a pedometer and sleep rhythm analysers hidden under the watch dial. Connection to a smartphone is necessary to exchange information. These watches are well suited for a specific purpose, such as sports, but can just as well be worn as a dress watch.
Watches with smart features: This type of watch is a regular watch with a llimited number of smart features. It often features a smartphone finder, distance meter, speedometer or pedometer. Connection to your phone to access the functionalities happens mostly via WiFi or Bluetooth.

2. Important: Check the operating system

Always check beforehand whether your smartphone operating system is supported! Not all watches and phones are compatible!

Fast delivery and free shipping

Order before 17.00 pm with DHL-Express and your watch will be delivered the next business day! You can also have your watch delivered at a pick-up point of your choosing. Shipping is free on orders over € 50.