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The watches on this page are 20 ATM or more waterproof. Because, in order to be able to dive with a watch, the watch must be able to withstand water pressure of 20 ATM / bar. For deep sea diving 50 ATM or higher is advised.

If you love the style of diving watches, but just want to be able to swim with your watch, a water resistance of 10 ATM / Bar is usually sufficient. We offer diving watches from several well  known brands such as Citizen Promaster, Seiko Prospex and Orient.

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Diving watch characteristics

Diving watches are designed to be tool watches, but are also worn by non-divers and recreational snorkelers than real scuba divers because they not only look good, but are also very practical and have comprehensive specs. If you want to buy an underwater watch suitable for diving take the following features into account when you make your choice:


Water resistance

A diving watch must be at least water resistant over 200 meters or 20 Bar or 20 ATM.

Because 1 Bar is approximately equal to the pressure of 10 m stagnant water, it is often referred to as a number of number of meters. 10 bar / ATM stands for a column of 100 meters water pressure. This does not mean that you can go swimming with a 1 bar (10 m water pressure) water resistant watch. The watch can withstand the 1 ATM pressure on the case and crystal, but is not fitted with sealing gaskets and / or sealed or a screwed down crown. Visit for more information our page about water resistance.


Watch case

The casing should be sufficient water (pressure) resistant and be able to withstand the corrosiveness of seawater. The case is most often made out of stainless steel, titanium or synthetic resins and plastics.

Compared with dress watches made of similar materials, these watches are relatively heavy and large because underwater the watch will become virtually weightless.


Helium pressure valve

Some watches intended for diving at great depths are equipped with a helium valve in order to prevent the case and the crystal dislodging from an internal pressure build-up.


Rotating bezel for calculating dive length

Analog dive watches are usually fitted with a unidirectional rotating bezel, which is used to calculate the length of a dive. This is an important security feature allowing the diver to determine how long they can remain under water. In addition, the bezel can also be used in other situations where a measurement of the elapsed time of less than one hour is useful.

Digital dive watches usually measure time by using a standard stopwatch function and often feature memory functions and a depth gauge.


Scratch/pressure resistant crystal

These watches have relatively thick (often domed) crystals in order to increase the pressure-resistance of the watch, and to improve the visibility under water. Typical materials used are acrylic glass / plexiglass, hardened mineral glass and sapphire glass.  Also the crystals are often anti-reflective for optimal visability.


Screwed crown

Analog dive watches are fitted with a water-resistant crown. On some models the crown is in unusual positions such as 4, 8 or 9 o’clock to prevent the crown pressing into in the back of the hand.

Often, the crown must be unscrewed in order to adjust the time and date. Thereafter, the crown is again tightened in order to restore the water resistance of the watch and to minimize the probability of inadvertent operation under water. This is called a screwed down crown. There are also watches where the crown is protected by a locking lever or lid.


Long and adjustable watchband, strap or bracelet

The watch Bands are usually made of materials that can withstand pressure and salt water. This means that most water resistant watches are fitted with a rubber, silicone rubber or polyurethane strap. A stainless steel or titanium bracelet is also common. It is important that the strap is of sufficient length to be worn over the sleeve of a diving suit. For this, the clasp often has  a (hidden) slide that can extend the bracelet by approximately 20 mm. Some rubber / silicone wristbands can be extended by an extra piece (strap extender).



The dial, indexes and bezel must be legible under water and in low light conditions. For good readability, most dive watches have high contrasting, non-cluttered dials and markers with a large, easily recognizable minute hand. The indexes for 3, 6, 9 and (especially) 00:00 on the dial and the zero mark on the bezel are usually designed to be instantly recognizable. In digital watches, illuminated displays are used for readability in low light.



The ISO6425 certification is the international safety standard. The tests are very expensive and not every manufacturer does these test or only on a limited number of models. Check this if it is important to you that the watch is certified.



Most manufacturers recommend your watch to be tested every two to five years. Seals need to be checked and damaged gaskets replaced to maintain water resistance. To protect your watch from wear, we recommend rinsing the watch after use with fresh water to keep the crown, bezel, buttons and pressure sensors working and free from salt deposits.


Shop your diving watch online; fast delivery

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